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 Attn:  Auctioneers & Sale Holders


If ANY Illinois auction is advertised on the Internet anywhere, it is intended that it should be announced on the appropriate one of the fourteen blue Special Auctions Category Pages listed on the right side of the B&B Homepage.

  1. Pick the blue Special Auctions Category Page that fits your auction category (ie Estate or Farmland etc), scroll down the chronologically ordered Auction Announcements and Calendar Listings to locate your auction.  With one click on the yellow Banner , your sale bill will show up wherever you put it on the Internet; be that on Auction Zip, a consolidator like TA24/7, or your personal business website.  If the Sale Announcement or Calendar Listing is not where it should be in the chronological listing of the Announcements and Calendars, and also accompanied with the , you (any auctioneer or sale holder) can correct the situation yourself at zero cost by proceeding to Step #2 below.


  1. If the Announcement or Calendar is not there, or it does not have a yellow banner telling you to , ADD IT IMMEDIATELY for FREE, by clicking  which is located at the extreme bottom of the Home Page or is also located beneath the fourteen blue Special Auction Category Pages on each of those fourteen category pages.
  2. If the Auctioneer or Sale Holder desires, they may replace or disregard the announcement and self enter a Calendar, Mini Sale Bill, Full Sale Bill or Banner That Banner may be linked to their complete sale bill wherever they now have it on the Internet.  To self enter, go to the appropriate one of the Self Entry blue buttons located below the fourteen blue buttons that bring up the fourteen Special Auctions Category Pages.  Most activity is free.
  3. We recommend putting the Auction Announcement on as soon as the auction is booked.  Many patrons (buyers) schedule long buying trips and need such to schedule your sale for inclusion far in advance.



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